Friday, April 11, 2008

Wishing for someone else's life?

Sometime's when things are bad we tend to wish for someone else's life. You could take mine but I'd like to convince you to keep your own. I have a great life, great husband, great kids but this morning I didn't want to face it so much. It's not like I haven't done this a million gazillion times but it never seems easy. We just got off the quarantine from the eternal cold going around our house so I was very excited to get back to normal.

This morning I woke up early to the sound of DH starting the laundry. That means there's been some kind of accident. Cor threw up in bed. I told him he couldn't put throw up laundry in the washer if it had actual chunks of food, it has to be cleaned off first. He gave me a face and told me it wasn't that bad. I should have just said thank you for cleaning up the mess. Normally he would have already been gone to work. I finally convinced myself I must get up and deal with the problem. I got dressed. Check the progress of my completely broken out face then headed to the kitchen. I mixed some bleach water in the sink and wiped everything down.

Cor had another incident in the bathroom so I had to clean that up and Mya was late to school. I was frustrated about that so I got after the girls for not getting into their car seats as asked a billion gazillion times. When we got back home from dropping off Mya, Ballerina threw her usual "I don't want to get out of the car because I can't remember the fit I threw about getting in the car 5 minutes ago" routine. I told her "Mommy is not doing this this morning." Somehow she did not get the message. I carried her into the house but I forgot to let her push the button that closes the garage door. The above picture is her throwing a fit to get back out and turn back time so she can close the garage door. She said the funniest things while she was throwing a fit, the last rant she kept saying "Oh Man!" Currently she is opening the fridge and eating whatever she can get her little paws on. Now I know why my Mom used to say, "You kids are going to drive me to drink."

Conclusions I have drawn from this experience:
  • You must appreciate your life no matter what
  • Enjoy the good, boring days when you have them
  • There is no "normal" when you have kids
  • I am glad Cor can get himself to the bathroom when he needs to puke
  • Sometimes I don't think I love my kids enough but today I know I must or I wouldn't be able to handle yucky stuff like this
  • Thank goodness for girls night out and dates with my husbands or I wouldn't survive these precious moments
  • It's fun to take pictures of your kids when they are mad
  • I can tell you all the things that don't digest well in a child's stomach
  • Thank heaven for my washing machine, bleach, a toilet that flushes, DH who wanted to spare me of the puke smell, oh ya and rubber gloves!
I lovingly dedicate this post to my friends who have kids or who are pregnant and expecting the arrival of one more precious child who will make their life as richly blessed as mine. Look at all the patience and knowledge you are about to acquire.


Christy said...

Being a mom is tough! Yesterday we had a bad day. Everyone was fussy. I walked around the house with Izzy for hours. And I snapped at Porgie a few too many times. I was wishing for someone else's life, but today we have had smooth sailing. So, I guess I'll keep my life after all.

Anth said...

Luckily I am pretty good at soaking up and enjoying the good days. But it doesn't seem to make the bad days easier...

A big happy family said...

I had a few of those days this week!

Becca said...

Oh Kendra. So sorry to hear of your continued troubles with illness. My kids are rarely sick and I am thinking this will change as soon as they enter the public school system.

Funny picture. =)