Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chore Cards

I got these from a blog I ran across and downloaded them and then added a bunch of mine own. I have four kids so I printed them in four colors. I had them laminated and punched a hole in one side. Each day I put on the ring the things I want them to do. So I have a whole stack of each color that is not being used that day. I put a rubber band around them. Today is our first day. Once they finished something they put it in the basket. Mya took hers apart and put them in the order she planned on doing them. There are also reward cards so it is good incentive for them to get the jobs done so we can have some fun. I am thinking of making some for myself and DH. I printed mine in black ink so they came out kind of dark. I think I'll end up printing some more later because I keep thinking of more things they can do as chores or rewards. For example, I forgot to do a "Bath or Shower" card and as a reward "Time with Dad." Once they have done a chore they take it off the ring and put it in the basket.

I made 3 snack time cards for their morning, afternoon and evening snack. Since school got out I feel like the kids are always eating so I have been lazy about making lunch or I don't feel like it because I know they won't be hungry. I know it's shocking but my kids are terrible at regulating a healthy diet. Hopefully this will help me keep better track of what everyone is eating. Mya and Cory can do all their jobs themselves but the cards are good for Em and Ballerina because it helps me to remember what they need to get done. Ballerina is trying to act like the cards don't apply to her.

Em wanted to have cake for her morning snack but I told her that cake is a treat and she would have to trade in her icecream card if she wanted it and then I gave her some ideas for a snack instead. She chose to have a healthy snack and not give up her icecream for later.

One of their rewards is a trip to the dollar store which I probably will put on their rings for Friday so if they've been doing a good job on their chores all week I will give them a dollar to spend so they won't have to use their allowance. No, I am not taking them to the dollar store every week.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fun things you can find when you read a lot of blogs

I don't remember who's blog I found this on but it had the link to this fun website to make Google Maps envelopes. Have fun trying it out.