Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Sock Box


I come from a family of eight kids. I never ever had to mow the lawn but my primary responsibility was doing laundry. I actually enjoy doing laundry of all the household chores I am required to do as the goddess of my home. I liked doing the laundry growing up because I could go into the laundry room and no one would bother me because I was doing laundry and clean clothes were gold in my house. In the laundry room we had two boxes that were never empty. There was the sock box and the ironing box. I am sure everyone knows that there are always the mystery unmatched socks that seem to go into some black hole somewhere. My mother and I decided that the dryer ate them. We would remember putting socks with their matches in the washer but by the time all the clothes came out of the dryer some were missing. I hated the sock box. I could never find a matching pair of socks. I never had any matching socks in my drawer and everyone in the house seemed to have the same problem but the sock box was always full of socks that did not match. I always felt trumphant when I could get the unmatched socks down to less than five. I would ask my Mom if I could just throw them away and she would never let me.

I am against having a sock box in my house. I think the sock box would make me crazy. When I do laundry I put all the socks in a pile then I match them and if there is an extra it just goes into the owners drawer where it waits for it's mate to appear. Sometimes it's mate is in the drawer waiting for it. About once a year I go to each child's drawer and pull out the socks that have had no mate that returned to them and I throw them in the trash. Inevitably the mate returns from it's sabbatical within a few weeks but I don't care because I tell myself it's just a sock and it really had a fair chance. Now that Mya and Cory are folding their own laundry I just give them all their socks and they have to match them up. Mya doesn't even bother matching them and I saw her wearing mis-matched socks this evening. I asked her what that was about. She said she couldn't find any matches so she just grabbed what was there. I told her that I know she has a lot of socks in her drawer and she just shrugged. That means she just didn't feel like going to the trouble of opening her drawer and really looking. I didn't really care because she is a kid and they are supposed to have unmatched socks, right?


So here is the story that goes with the pictures. I know this story is only funny to me but it did trigger the memory of the sock box and well that was worth it for me. And for some odd reason I can't type before my pictures, it keeps kicking my type down below the pictures. Okay, so one Sunday I was putting on Ballerina's white lacy socks. I noticed that everything matched except the lace. Two different socks. I figured I must have matched wrong and other set of socks were most likely paired together in the drawer. I turned around to go get them and Em was standing there wearing the other set of unmatched socks. I showed DH and he thought I was crazy for even noticing and he wouldn't have noticed that in a million years. That's because he's a boy and I am a girl.

I know it's only funny to me. I apologize to anyone who waited for an exciting ending but really what can you expect from a story about socks. But please come back to my blog someday because I am going to post a picture of something absolutely disgusting. It will be off the hook.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a little catching up to do

So I spent a half hour loading a bunch of pictures on so that I could catch up on reporting all the fun things we did this summer then I realized I was still logged into my DH's school blog. Argh! So I am starting over but I am only going to load one or two pictures a day.

DH kept trying to get pictures of my in my bathing suit. I thought this one looked like one of those Tabloid pictures of someone famous. You see it and think, "ya she looks worse than me without makeup." Then you think you could look better if you had someone who did your hair and makeup for you. Well at least that's what I think.

I had to wear a hat almost the whole trip because it was always between 95 and 100 degrees. I enjoyed the dry heat but it was torture for my scalp.

The Magician's Nephew

The Magician's Nephew (The Chronicles of Narnia, Book 1) The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis

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rating: 5 of 5 stars
Right now I am reading this book to two of my kids. One is 8 and one is almost 10. The 10 year old has read it before. I read this book as a kid and it is my favorite of all the Chronicles. I enjoy Digory's character.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

An exciting curly day

Actually today I did almost nothing. I have to give a talk at church on Sunday. I mean I get to. But today I decided to scrunch and curl my hair a little. I have done this several times since my major haircut. But today for some reason my kids actually looked at me. Em said I look like my sister Staci, Cory was shocked when I picked him up from school and DH told me I look nice. He only tells me that about twice a month. I really haven't looked at it since I fixed it this morning so I assume it's okay.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Summer Project

Here's what I worked on this summer. My V-shaped tan. This is right after my pedicure. I got a pedicure after my very first bikini wax. OUCH! But totally worth it. I didn't have to shave down there during our two week vacation where we swam almost every day. This V-shape tan is courtesy of the my very cool and comfortable Havaianas flip flops.

The Eyre Affair

The Eyre Affair (Thursday Next, Book 1) The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde

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I am still in the progress of reading this book but I have to say it's one of the few books that I decidedly like before I finish it. It's "zany" with all kinds of characters. The main character's name is Friday Next which gives you an idea of where it might head. It reminds me of an old movie which I love. I hope it stays interesting and I am glad it's part of series. If there is any swearing I don't remember so it's clean that way.

I own this copy and wouldn't mind lending it once I have finished.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Cookie Cutters

I collect cookie cutters and I found this out while searching for a cookie cutter online today.

TRIVIA: Before we begin, did you know that if you collect cookie cutters, the collectibles are referred to as "Cookie Silhouettes"?

10 Years!

I realized the other day and shared this little tidbit with DH last night. Mya will be ten years old soon and in ten years of raising our children we have never gone anywhere overnight together without our children. Individually we have each gone away for 3 days or more. I knew it but just thinking that ten years has passed and we've never taken a break made me a little sad. Something must be done about that.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Calgon take me away.

I took a bath tonight. I would love to brag that I have a clawfoot tub but I don't. It's a dream. We have really small bathrooms and in the 3 1/2 years we have lived in this house this is the 2nd bath I have taken.

My back, shoulders and neck were very stiff. So I thought maybe I might relieve some tension by taking a soak. I don't really enjoy baths very much. The only tub we have is in the kids/guest bathroom. It's small and I can't really get comfortable in there. I asked DH to clean it out so I could take a bath. I love my kids but they are dirty little creatures and I have to admit that cleaning the tub is low on the list of household chores. But the bath did help me to relax and even though I am still a little stiff I feel better than I did before.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sick of LOL

Ok someone needs to come up with something better than LOL. Or just something different. It's so overused. And when I worked for the eye doctor LOL meant Little Old Lady so I have never transitioned well.

Please submit your ideas and lets spread it around.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Loved to Death

I have shared with my friend Anth before that I am just not sure how much love I can handle and can you truly be loved to death. Em and Ballerina want to be on me or wrapped around me any time I sit down. Ballerina likes to be right under my right arm when I am typing on the computer. Cor wants to have an in depth conversation when I am reading. But it's Em who may cause my eminent demise. She wants to be as close and attached to me as possible. She has to be laying on me or wrapped around me like a snake. She wants to touch my face and she wants me to be touching her skin, usually a back rub. A friend who had a daughter of similar needs told her daughter that they couldn't get any closer unless she put her back in the womb. I think if I must leave this earthly vessel being loved to death would be the best way to go.