Monday, July 28, 2008

Adventures of Rubber Chicken, Part 4

Cor's Joke
Question: Why Did Rubber chicken cross the road?
Answer: To get run over.
Rubber Chicken is getting a piggy back ride to go to bed. Rubber chicken likes to take naps on Daddy's side of the bed.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blueberry Heaven

Cor said it was Blueberry Heaven but Mya said it was Blueberry Mania. Deena told us about this blueberry field where we had a joyous time picking berries that were so bountiful they practically fell into our buckets. In all we picked 15 pounds of blueberries. Cor and Mya enjoyed it the most and worked very hard. Cory did eventually get distracted by some large holes in the ground that were everywhere and he and decided they need to watch for gophers.
Ballerina is such a good picker she can do it with her eyes closed.

Em worked hard for a while but eventually made friends with some other kids in the field and they were whisked away to imagination land.

We felt at one with nature and almost stayed too long. When Cory prayed over our lunch he asked that we wouldn't get diarrhea from eating so many berries.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A blog I love

This blog is by Betsy the Designer and I happened on her blog when searching for other blogs that discussed sewing. She shares her design and organization ideas designed for those on a budget. I really love her style and simplicity. But her latest post too much information was sweet and reminds us to love what we have and look forward to the future. I thought it was absolutely sincere. Sometimes it's fun to complain and gripe to help you feel better (i.e. my very last post). But sometimes you have to pick yourself up and be grateful for all you have.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

And she cries...

Ballerina doesn't transition well from one activity to another. Here is an example.
  • She cried when we left the house this morning because she didn't want to go to swim lessons (she doesn't even take swim lessons she just watches, eats snacks and runs around the pool).
  • She cried when we left the pool.
  • She cried to get the kid-size shopping cart at the grocery store.
  • She cried when it was time to check out at the store but quickly got distracted by the candy.
  • She cried because she didn't get a candy.
  • She cried when we left the grocery store.
  • She cried when she realized we were on the street that headed towards our house.
  • When I took her out of her car seat she said she was upset because she wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese. I loath Chuck E. Cheese and it's been over a year since we went last, I don't know how she remembers that stuff.
  • She cried because her shoe fell off.
  • She kept crying until about 2 minutes after we got into the house.
This all happened in about an hour and a half. She barely wimpered when she fell and scraped her knees at the pool. Apparently only emotional pain affects her.

As I finish this post that was supposed to help me release the stress from listening to her cry she is hanging on my arm CRYING.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hey I wasn't expecting that...

Apparently I am more envious than I thought. I guess I better work on that.

Greed:Very Low

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I got this from Anth's Blog.