Monday, November 24, 2008

My Favorite Facial Scrub

This is my favorite scrub because it works as well as the Mary Kay Microdermabrasion scrub but is 1/3 the price.

I use it everyday especially around my nose where I get a build up of dead skin. ooh gross, I know. I have pretty sensitive skin so I was really pleased to find something that worked but didn't cost so much.

It was the 2nd thing I tried after deciding that Mary Kay was too expensive and I figured there had to be another company who was able to make something that would work just as well. It does have a slight fragrance but it is not strong. I am sensitive to smells.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

DH is 34

My husband turned 34 yesterday but I am still younger than him and won't be 34 until next April. And that's like forever. We had a fantabulous weekend. We had our first over night get-a-way from the kids in over ten years. Mya just turned 10 on November 9th. I have been away for several days and nights before and so has DH but never together away. DH's parent's came to stay with the kids. The kids had a lot of fun with Grandma and Grandpa and we had a lot of fun being together and relaxing. We went to Pacific City and things couldn't have worked out better. I really wanted everything to work out perfect and it did.

Here are some of the things that worked out to make a perfect weekend:

  • No one was sick until after we got home. DH jixed it because when we were at dinner Friday night he mentioned how healthy we've been. I told him he shouldn't have said that out loud and that I wouldn't mind if anyone got sick now because I was just concerned about everyone being healthy for this weekend. When we got home Em was not feeling well. Ballerina also started a runny nose and barking cough. And I'm okay with it.
  • The weather at the Oregon coast was in the 60's, no wind and very few clouds. That's as good as it gets at the coast. A bunch of people came out to surf so it was fun to watch them. DH decided he should try it someday.
  • Our hotel was cozy and fun and right on the beach. They had a decent restaurant right across the street so we didn't have to go far to eat or decide where to go. The staff at the hotel were really friendly.
  • There was a full moon on Friday night, so romantic!
  • I was able to keep the whole thing a secret from DH up until we drove away from the house. Awesome!
  • DH had a good time and was able to relax and that was the whole goal.
  • We had time to sit in the sand and talk, kiss and do nothing.
  • We got icecream in Tillamook and we went to an outdoor mini golf course. The shop wasn't open but DH just happened to have 2 putters in the trunk and a few golf balls. So we put money in a drop box they had by the door and played 18 mini holes of golf. We were the only ones out there and we had a lot of fun. It wasn't the kind with little buildings and fake mountains it was like little putting greens so it was like real golf just mini. It was challenging and I almost beat DH's score on one hole.
  • The best part is we still are "in love."
I arranged the weekend and then DH got decide how he wanted to spend the weekend. I am extremely grateful everything went so well and it was just what we both needed.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cookies for breakfast

Last night I made chocolate chip cookies to sooth a friends emotional distress. And yes, it did work. This morning Ballerina saw the cookies and wanted it one. Right now she is eating it and making yummy sounds. I don't know if I am teaching her a bad habit or not. She did have to eat a bowl of cereal before she got the cookie.