Monday, June 30, 2008

Adventures of Rubber Chicken, Part 3

Rubber Chicken goes on vacation.
And becomes a Princess.

Then takes a nap.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happiness is a Waffle Cone

I think everyone has a favorite food that makes them happy for me it's Waffle Cones. Thinking about or even saying waffle cone makes me happy.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Damprag Syndrome

Ballerina has an addiction to damp towels. She likes to carry them around with her and they are a soothing comfort. She will take a dry rag if that is the only option but prefers it to be wet. She is always stealing my dish rags. In this picture you can see she has one rag she is holding while she sucks her thumb and on the floor on either side of her are ones she used previously but had dried up.
Some of the effects of damprag syndrome.

This is her favorite thing to do with the damp towel. It is handy when we need to clean up her face after eating.

Apparently this is contagious.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Adventures of Rubber Chicken, Part 2

I know you have been waiting for the next installment of Where in the World is Rubber Chicken. And here it is. Sometimes Rubber Chicken gets thrown over the fence to neighbor kids. At times he is buried in the sand box. He occasionally gets to jump on the trampoline. Today he got to play in the waterfall of the pond. I am not sure what Em meant this to be but to me it looked like he was being cooked with some weed flowers, for taste. I didn't think Rubber Chicken could look any grosser but when he has been in sandbox for a while he just looks like poo.

Your 4 Year Old This Week

Em is an aspiring chef and she is showing off her new haircut. She is a natural beauty.

I get these weekly e-mails from a parenting website that are set to my child's age group. It's really weird because each one seams to describe my 4 year old perfectly. It's nice to know that Em is a normal kid but it doesn't make my patience with her any better.

This week she threw 2 major fits and locked herself in my room. One because she didn't want a haircut. I made her get the hair cut any way because I think she needs to learn that some times you have to do things you don't like and because I don't think it's right for her to get what she wants because threw fit. We had already talked about why she needed a hair cut and why she didn't want one. She even agreed that she needed it. But when my sister came over to do it she freaked out all over again. She sat in my lap for the whole thing and she loves her haircut. It really looks the same as it did before just trimmed up and not so wild looking.

Here's this weeks post:

Taming a Tiny Tyrant

"Get dressed. Brush your teeth. Pick up your toys." Imagine if someone bossed you around all day. You'd want to rise up and take charge occasionally, too. Four-year-olds often have flings with bossy behavior. In part they're copying you, and in part they're experimenting with their ability to get others to do things for them. In a way, handling bossiness is about teaching your child social graces — before she becomes a tyrant nobody enjoys being around.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Time Traveler's Wife Review

The Time Traveler's Wife The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

My review

rating: 4 of 5 stars
I really enjoyed read this book. I felt like I was going in circles the whole time keeping up with where the main character was and where he was going. I liked how he explained that all people have free will even though he knows what will happen in the future when he travels to the past. I actually got drawn to the book because of other reviews describing a beautiful love story. I enjoyed every aspect of the love between Henry and Clare. It was amazing that the story took you from the beginning to the end of both their lives.

A warning for those who do like like swearing or sex scenes this book contains both. I didn't like the frequent swearing but was able read around it. Those who are very conservative in both or one of these areas will not like this book.

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Monday, June 9, 2008

Quilt Block #9 and othe such fun...

I haven't been very good about posting my quilt blocks but here is the one I finished today. Last time Anth and I skipped our class and drove around town instead. I really like this one and it was pretty simple. This weekend is our last class (which means I didn't make any mistakes).I still need to finish block #10 before class on Friday. They will give us our last 3 blocks to finish and we will have 13 blocks total. We had the option to buy the finishing kit to make a Queen size quilt but we are both too cheap for that. I think I will just be making a throw and using 2 blocks to recover my couch cushions that are hideously ugly.

Royal Star
This weekend I made banana mini-muffins. Do you like how they are so golden that the flash reflects off them. They were super yummy and I think I ate most of them. This is my third variety of mini muffins since I bought my mini-muffin tin.

Em enjoying a mini-muffin.
This last week DH took a day off and we tried to sleep in as long as possibly. I thought it was strange that no one was coming in asking for breakfast. When I finally got up I discovered that Cor had layed out the bowls and spoons the same way I do every morning and had served everyone who wanted cereal. He even made sure he gave his Dad the biggest bowl and a big spoon just how he likes it. What a good kid. Now I never have to get up in the morning.
We had a great weekend. Sunday we played Badminton in the back yard and had Anth's family over for dinner. Saturday DH went golfing all morning and in the afternoon his sister watched the kids and we saw Indiana Jones. I loved it and thought it was classic Indi. Plus we got to hold hands and pretend like we were teenagers which we like to do.

Sunday we decided that Mya could go on a road trip with my parents in a couple weeks for my Mom's family reunion in Southern Utah. At first we were too scared to let our baby go but she is 9 years old and all her girl cousins her age will be going. It just makes me worry having her go so far for so many days. I know she will have a great time and it makes me happy that she'll get to have an experience like I had when I was her age.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I guess time does fly...

When I was about 8 months pregnant with Ballerina I wrote an itinerary for my 3 other children in case of emergency and someone would have to step in and take care of them. Other than me and DH no one really knows our routine and my kids were still pretty little. Now I could totally depend on Mya and Cor to be able to inform someone of all that we do during the day. The itinerary is about 3 pages long but I laughed so hard remembering some of the challenges that were part of our day to day life. I had forgotten a lot of those things and I don't know if I just wanted to make myself look like a good Mom or if I have gotten more layed back as time has gone by.

I am only including some of it since it is so long. This was our routine 3 years ago; Mya was 6, Cor was 4, and Em was 19 months old. It really does feel like a million years ago and I feel like I was peeking into someone else's life.

Daily Routine:
  • Morning-kids usually wake up between 7:00 and 8:00 AM. (Now they get up around 6:30 AM)
  • If Cor wet the bed we have him get undressed, stand in the tub, and we spray him off. Cor will argue about everything but usually just letting him know he has to do it and repeating it several times works. (This has not changed)
  • NO TREATS UNTIL AFTER LUNCH, they know this is the rule.
Bathroom Manners:
  • Cor is working on not walking in the bathroom when someone is going to the bathroom, he gets an immediate time out. If Mya tricks him into coming in then tattles on him, she gets a time out.
  • The door stays closed when not in use or Emily makes trouble in there.
  • Cory-must be dressed to have his breakfast or he might not get dressed all day.
After Breakfast:
  • Lately Cory likes to go out and swing until his arms get tired. (He used to go out there and swing forever and talk to himself. I think it was his way of getting away from everyone.)
Snack Time:
  • Around 10:30 AM. (I can't believe I had a set time for snack. Now they just seem to be eating all the time. I think I might start doing that again.)
  • Have them drink a whole cup of water with their snack. (Apparently I was really good at making sure the kids got enough fluids)
  • Cor sometimes has a a short attention span for sitting and eating so you have to keep him going by reminding him to eat or giving him a certain amount of bites to finish. Otherwise he is hungry ten minutes after lunch is done. If he knows he is going to to get a treat after lunch he will say he is done early just to get the treat. You have to use that as incentive to finish his lunch and all his drink. Almost every day he says he is not thirsty but if you give him the drink anyway he will usually end up drinking it.
After Lunch:
  • Before Emily's nap Mya and Cor can do a cleaning job, usually just picking up toys and getting them put away. Cory needs encouragement to finish the job.
  • Emily takes a nap around 1:00 pm, she will sleep 2 to 3 hours. (Oh how I miss that!)
  • Around 8:00 pm.
  • If they have brought out a lot of toys to living room and kitchen area have them each pick up five things and put them away, or the same thing in their rooms.
  • Say prayers together, put girls in bed, Em does not need to be rocked to sleep. Then put Cor in bed. Sometimes Cor will go to bed himself.
Well that's some of it. It probably doesn't mean much to anyone but me but it was fun to remember how things were with just the three of them and how things have changed with four and especially how things have changed without a baby in the house.