Saturday, June 14, 2008

Your 4 Year Old This Week

Em is an aspiring chef and she is showing off her new haircut. She is a natural beauty.

I get these weekly e-mails from a parenting website that are set to my child's age group. It's really weird because each one seams to describe my 4 year old perfectly. It's nice to know that Em is a normal kid but it doesn't make my patience with her any better.

This week she threw 2 major fits and locked herself in my room. One because she didn't want a haircut. I made her get the hair cut any way because I think she needs to learn that some times you have to do things you don't like and because I don't think it's right for her to get what she wants because threw fit. We had already talked about why she needed a hair cut and why she didn't want one. She even agreed that she needed it. But when my sister came over to do it she freaked out all over again. She sat in my lap for the whole thing and she loves her haircut. It really looks the same as it did before just trimmed up and not so wild looking.

Here's this weeks post:

Taming a Tiny Tyrant

"Get dressed. Brush your teeth. Pick up your toys." Imagine if someone bossed you around all day. You'd want to rise up and take charge occasionally, too. Four-year-olds often have flings with bossy behavior. In part they're copying you, and in part they're experimenting with their ability to get others to do things for them. In a way, handling bossiness is about teaching your child social graces — before she becomes a tyrant nobody enjoys being around.

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