Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Damprag Syndrome

Ballerina has an addiction to damp towels. She likes to carry them around with her and they are a soothing comfort. She will take a dry rag if that is the only option but prefers it to be wet. She is always stealing my dish rags. In this picture you can see she has one rag she is holding while she sucks her thumb and on the floor on either side of her are ones she used previously but had dried up.
Some of the effects of damprag syndrome.

This is her favorite thing to do with the damp towel. It is handy when we need to clean up her face after eating.

Apparently this is contagious.

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Forever Young said...

Kendra, hey its Amanda(Haycock). I just found your blog through Mason's page. you'll have to check mine out too. Its so fun to be able to see how everyone is doing.I've been trying to get my sisters to start one too, only Darcy has taken it on. Steph and Ericka are too scared! Anyway, the ballerina is way cute!