Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The ABC's of EdgyK

Tagged by Anth.

A-Advocate for: SAHM's, sewing, being a prude, reading, letting kids be kids and not force them to be perfect or a super star at age 2.

B-Best Feature: My charming personality, actually I don't know but my DH would say my cleavage.

C-Could do without: whining and flabby stomach (whining about my flabby stomach)

D-Dreams and Desires: Ripped abs and to be able to beat the next person who says something rude about how short I am. And I keep thinking that I will be an expert at something someday but I haven't decided what I want to do someday.

E- Essential Items: Mary Kay Mint Bliss Energizing lotion for feet & legs, Deena gave this to me for my birthday last year and I can't live without it. Also, mascara, My mom says her girls are so pale without makeup our faces disappear when we close our eyes. Also, Steak!

F-Favorite Pastime: Lately hanging out with Anth talking about the weird things our families do, somehow it makes it funny.

G-Good at: Sewing, Lying, DH says I'm good at being a wife and Mom. Finding deals.

H-Have never tried: peeing standing up and eating chicken talons.

I-If I had a million dollars: I would have it converted into $1 bills or gold coins and I would put it in a big vault and swim in it.

J-Junkie for: Food

K-Kindred Spirit: Anth, Stephanie, Staci, and Jenna

L-Little Known Fact: My birthday is April 25th but mentally I celebrate from April 1st to the 25th.

M-Memorable Moment: Seeing my first child for the first time and DH telling me we had a girl. I was so amazed at how beautiful and perfect she was. I couldn't believe I really did it.

N-Never Again will I: Watch the movie Earthstorm.

O-Occasional indulgence: Skinny cow icecream or a candy bar

P-Profession: Husband pleaser (only my husband)

Q-Quote: It's nice to be nice to the nice. (MASH)

R-Reason to Smile: Today Em couldn't get the sound on the TV to work so she cranked it up all the way. When she actually got it to work it almost blew the speakers. Both Em and Ballerina were frozen in place screaming (not that I could hear them), then they ran towards me, and Emily almost ran into the door. I felt bad for them but it was really hard not to laugh.

S-Sorry About: All the stupid things I say but don't realize it until later.

T-Tag some friends: Becca and Amber

U-Uninterested In: Ever mowing the lawn myself. That's what I got married for.

V-Very Scared of: Losing my wedding ring and getting into a car accident with the kids in the car.

W-Worst Habit: Wasting time on the computer.

X-X marks my ideal vacation spot: Any tropical island but no bugs.

Y-Yo Anth there was no Y on your blog???

Z-Zodiac Sign: Taurus. Today's horoscope: It's sad but true. Romance requires work, from time to time. Roll up your sleeves. And an OVERVIEW: Your easy going energy makes your friends gravitate towards you, even if work or family obligations get in your way. You're having so much fun that you should be able to overcome almost anything. (Don't those two things seem to contradict each other?)


A big happy family said...

1.I need to know more about this telling lies thing.

2. I've discovered that mint bliss lotion is fabulous on sunburns.

Anth said...

Re A - an advocate for being a prude? Hmmm...

Re I - Love it.

Re N - Never say never. That movie is very special.

Re U - That is so not the reason you got married. You wanted to DO IT.