Monday, April 7, 2008

I lost my keys

Today I lost my keys. I got in the car to take the kids to school and they weren't in my purse or my coat pocket. Those are the only two places I put them. I have lost many things in my life but never the keys. I had a Valet key in my purse so I used that to get the kids to school. So I had to scour my memories of what I did this weekend. I was so upset about that because I have the worst memory.

We had a pretty mellow weekend and the only times we went out DH drove. I did remember taking the keys out at Winco (grocery store) to open the van on Saturday. So I called Customer Service to see if anyone had turned them in. I called both family members that we had visited on Sunday. They weren't available to look right away. Em and I said a prayer.

Oh, I have to back track a little. Em had lost her frog she got for Easter and I had already found it while looking for my keys. She was completely positive we would find the keys since we had already found Froggy.

I decided to just answer emails for a while, for a little distraction from my stress attack. While I was typing I remembered that Cor had used the keys to go get the mail around 6:00 pm Saturday. Our box has a lock and it's across the street from our house. So I ran outside and I could see them hanging there. Two nights, including all day Sunday, they hung there in the lock of our mailbox, totally visible to anyone going by. There were the keys to both our cars and the house key. I don't know if we are lucky or being very blessed for something we are doing right. Whichever, I am enormously grateful.

As an afterthought...earlier when I was trying to reconcile myself that I may never find my keys I decided I would miss the remote lock for my van the most. Because I am lazy and it makes it easier to lock and unlock the car. Is that sad or what? I've only had the remote lock for 5 years of my whole life and now I think I can't live without it.

I never did tell Cor about what happened. I knew he would feel terrible and it was an absent minded mistake and I make those all the time. Also, I knew his sisters would tease him about it. I send him to get the mail because he loves to do it and I don't like going out in the rain. I will have to be the one to make sure he gets the keys back where they belong.


Christy said...

I lose my keys about 93 times per week. I have left my keys dangling in the front door lock over night. I have locked my keys in my car before. Me and keys just don't get along.

Eva said...

I hate losing stuff. So glad you got them back!

A big happy family said...

You're such a nice mom to not bring it up with Cory. It would be hard for me to do that. I'm glad you found them before some bad guy did!

Becca said...

I would say you are blessed! I probably would have spoken to my kids about leaving the keys in such a public spot. It was thoughtful and loving of you to spare Cor the stress. I am just glad you found them!

Alayna is still crying about her flower jacket we lost months ago. I know she has my genes because I stress if I even lose one dollar. I always HAVE to know where things go. Even socks!

I wish I was as faithful as you at working out. =)