Sunday, April 13, 2008

Family and Personal Statistics and Facts

These are in no particular order because I do not think in order....Random Thoughts remember.

Marriage: One Current husband, no ex-husbands, husband is the father of all my children.

Children: 4

Ages between Children: 1st and 2nd is 22 months, 2nd and 3rd is 37 months, 3rd and 4th is 20 months.

Gender of Children: 3 girls, 1 boy

How many children did I want when I grew up: 6

How many more children I plan to have: 0

Pets: 0

What I wanted to be when I grew up: A mom

College degree: Clothing and Textiles

My siblings: 9 total, 4 boys, 5 girls (2 adopted sisters after I got married)

Location of siblings: Oregon, Idaho, and Utah

Loads of laundry a day: 2

Loads of dishes a day: Average 1.5

Bags of garbage per week: 6

Recycle: yes, a lot

Mop the floor: Once a week

Change the sheets: Once a month

Water my plants: only when they look on the brink of death

Vacuum: 2-3 times per week

Days of exercise per week: 4-5

How often I bake for fun: 2-3 per week

How often I get laundry put a way the same day I wash it: once a week

How often I make my bed: 2-3 times a week

Hugs per day: 6-1 billion

How often I lose something: 2-3 times a day

Phone calls in a day: 1-2 on average

Traffic tickets: 0

Hours per day on computer: 2-3

Books read per month: Average is 3

Hours watching TV or movies: 6-8 hours per week

Shave: 3 times a week

Break up fights: 5-6 per day


Anth said...

Ha ha This was funny!

A big happy family said...

Oh my gosh...we are living the same life. Most of my answers were the same. Although I need to up my(winter) shaving routine from once a week to 3x a week.

Christy said...

6 children? Yikes!

I wanted 4, but I am thinking 2 might be enough!