Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Journal Jar Question for Tuesday

Do you remember a special birthday party you've had, given, or attended?

Once I did a special Birthday party for DH, I think he turned 28 and he had graduated from the Master's program in Education. I had each of the attendants bring a one word description of Scott written on an apple. I assigned each person a letter of the alphabet. It was fun. He didn't really care about the party but it was fun to celebrate being done with school. Now he is going back to school in the fall for his Administrative license, he is going to be really busy and really stressed. Yay for school!

When I was 16 my parents and friends planned a surprise Birthday party for me. I started suspecting something was up when my family was frantically cleaning the house but didn't ask for my help. Then later all my friends came down the road in a big caravan towards my house honking their horns. We lived out in the country so you can see the roads for about a 1/2 mile in any direction. That's a great memory.

When I turned thirty my husband planned a surprise party and my sister and her family drove to Boise Idaho and back to bring my other sister over for a Sister's weekend. I was really surprised because they had told me they were going to the beach for the weekend. I was pregnant with Ballerina at the time so it meant a lot to me. We went to the beauty school and I got a face massage. I enjoyed that more than any body massage I've had.

This last February my sister and I bought my Older Sister Staci (from Boise) a ticket to come over for our second Sister's Weekend, which I have blogged about previously. We decided we need to do Sister's weekends every year.


A big happy family said...

My birthday falls three days after Christmas and now on the same day as my daughters. When I was younger all of my friends were busy with their Christmas holidays...so I never had an exciting b-day. The same sort of holds true these days. Sorry, that's a depressing answer. ;)

Live Love Laugh - Leder said...

Thanks for sharing these memories- how fun!