Thursday, December 27, 2007

What is a White Elephant Exchange

Scott and I are wondering what is a white elephant exchange? Our impression was the point of white elephant is to bring the oddest, worst, or most horrible thing you have lying around your house and make it seem like a great gift by wrapping it pretty. But his mother's family complained after the white elephant exchange last year that they ended up with other people's junk and they did not like that, but they called it a white elephant exchange. So we are really confused. So this year his aunt sent out an email that said we are doing a nice white elephant exchange with a $10-$15 limit. Which basically means don't bring your junk from around the house, go and buy the nicest thing you can find for $10-$15 dollars. Which would be fine except that this family doesn't do gift exchanges because every year everyone pools their money and we give a donation to a charity that we vote on every Thanksgiving. So if we are not spending money on each other why are we spending money on each other.

So here's how the white elephant exchange went. We picked numbers, there was very little stealing because everyone was pretty pleased with what they got. So I think it should be called a random gift exchange not a white elephant gift exchange. Well I am grateful that was the most controversial thing that happened this Christmas.

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