Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Memories

Ok, here is my lovely family. We had such a great day. It was busy and the kids were tired but everything turned out nice. The kids slept in till 8:00 AM. We opened presents for about an hour then we played. I took a shower and decided to trade fashion for comfort. I wore my sweatshirt and stretchy pants all day. I twisted my hair up in a bun so I was pretty lazy. Ballerina was pleased most of all with her cheapest present; a Hello Kitty coloring book she got in her stocking. She does like her Leapfrog alphabet toy that magnatizes to the fridge. We also got her a baby doll, stroller, and little car seat. Mya got Heely's, The Daring book for Girls, Scooby Doo movie and a few other small things. Cory got Knex, a book light, and a Webkinz but the website was so clogged today we couldn't get on. But he worked on some other projects. Em was the hardest to shop for but she got a Webkinz Pink Poodle, Island Princess movie, and from her cousin a Pink Volkswagon bug, that is her favorite thing so far.

My parents got us a Toaster/Convection oven that goes on the counter. It looks pretty cool. My brother J got us The Princess Bride movie and book and a computer game for Scott. From Santa we got a comfy computer chair that I am enjoying now. Scott got me a gravy boat and a butter dish, both were on my list. Santa got me a new pair of Ginghers. Sharp. I got Scott a Zune, that's a really cool MP3 player. He loves it. I like it too.

Christmas Eve we went to Kelly's house, unfortunately her husband and his brother had to fly back to Peru that morning because their mother passed away. So with the stress about Grandma and his mother it's kind of been a rough Christmas. Plus a woman from our ward passed away so it seems strange. But the family parties went on as planned and we all enjoyed being together. Christmas day we went to Aunt Jolae's for brunch then to my brother's house they just bought in Woodburn. Poor Scott wasn't feeling good but he made it through. I got my feelings hurt by something my family did but it wasn't intentional so I let it go.

I did talk to my Older Sister S a lot and she starting texting my on Christmas day, asking me where I was and what we were doing. She is so funny. I missed my sister and brothers that live away. We had great Christmas's growing up so it's kind of sad not to have them around. It also seemed strange that Scott's parents weren't there either. But Christmas was a success and I was really JOYFUL about that.

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EdgyK said...

I officially redact my comment about someone hurting my feelings. My DH is sure that I am keeping secrets from him so I have now washed my hands of that statement.