Monday, December 10, 2007

I made my bed and now I get to sleep in it.

I made my bed tonight. I washed all the sheets and put them on then I arranged the blankets nicely. It's only about an hour till bed time so it will all be messed up again soon. But for this moment I accomplished something. When I am home all the time taking care of kids sometimes it feels like I never get to finish anything I start, everything is a work in progress. So the insignificant accomplishments begin to mean a lot. I don't even have a bed frame, or a headboard. The giant bed sits on the floor which really irritates me. I don't have nice blankets or pillow cases. It is a soft bed and I have had many wonderful nights sleep on it and for a little while it's looking as best it can.
While I was making the bed I had many deep thoughts. I made decisions about what I need to do this week. And I have to say I do a pretty awesome hospital corner. Which my DH will kick out of place as soon as he gets in bed tonight.
My mom always emphasized the importance of a nicely made bed everyday of your married life. I still don't see the logic in that but I do enjoy having the bed made.

I thought the above picture while typing this. It's a little old but it's a sweet one. This was DD V's first time out and she fell asleep.

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Anth said...

A few years ago I read that the Italian approach to bedmaking is that your bed must air out during the day so you should leave it unmade. Since then I have been blissfully pretending to be Italian.