Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Won!!!

I won Bunco. I won for the most wins. I had 15 wins out of 18 games. Woo Hoo! I hardly ever win anything so I have to make the most of this. I got a Antique olive party platter from BB and B and some caramel chocolates (I believe caramel and chocolate are BFF's). I was only sad that my FRIEND Deena wasn't there to share my moment of joy. My FRIEND Anth also won a cute pie plate. What a night!

1 comment:

Ditto's said...

How come everyone else has a code name and you used my real name. Do you want a stalker to find me!! JK

I am sad that I missed your moment of glory, let's hope you can do a repeat next month. I'll be back...