Sunday, December 2, 2007

Christmas Is Coming

I get so excited for Christmas. Christmas was always so magical for me as a kid. I love everything about it except for the advertisements. It's fun watching the kids get excited. Every year I try to do something to help them understand the true meaning of Christmas. But I still haven't decided what I will do this year.

Friday night Anth and I went to 2 Christmas bazaar's. It was fun to get out. The first was good but I don't like sells people so that part was a little annoying. The second one was at our Friend B's house. That was fun. We ate and looked at scarves, Mary Kay products, and jewelry. Anth and I decided that we would ditch it if there wasn't enough to eat but B had a nice lay out. After that we wondered around Walgreens for a few minutes looking at all the crap they had while waiting for some photos I had developed. That's our big night out in our little town.

I informed Anth that Target is now open until 11 PM instead of 10 PM. That's our favorite place to close down after we are done gambling at Bunco night. She doesn't think she can stay up that late because her baby tummy makes her tired. But that's okay because my SAHM lifestyle makes it hard for me to stay up that late.

I am hosting the first part of the Progressive Dinner for RS. I spent all day Saturday cleaning. I got some polish for my piano and it looks beautiful or a better than it did. It's an upright Grand Piano, built around 1925. It's beautiful. I also polished my Grandma's old singer sewing desk that is the peddle kind. Then I polished the kitchen cupboards that were looking pretty drab. My DH took down all the regular home decor and now it's ready for the Christmas decor. I am supposed to be doing that right now while the kids are sleeping. DH helped with the cleaning in between his 5-6 cat naps.

Gosh, DD E (4 years old) sure was a grouch today. She kept telling everyone, "You are the most wicked man I have ever seen." Don't let your kids watch television! DD E and DD V (2 1/2 years old) kept screaming and fighting with each other, we had to send them to either end of the house several times.

Right now I am working on reading the Zookeeper's Wife. I still haven't decided how I feel about it. I am almost finished with the Miracle of Forgiveness. I have really loved it. Especially his insights on the parable of the Prodigal Son. I have made several necessary changes that seemed so much easier from the advice in parts of the book. So I guess I could say the book has changed my life, or maybe it was just the right time, and I had the right information to make the change. Hopefully my new habits will stick because I really am happier with my new attitude and it will help my marriage be stronger. Who doesn't want that. I am also working on the 2nd Harry Potter book. It's fun to read and not as heavy (mentally) as the other 2 books.


Ditto's said...

Nobody better touch that freshly polished piano..i'll keep guard!

Ditto's said...

During the progressive dinner that is!