Tuesday, May 13, 2008

There's Good News and Bad News

Good News

I had a fabulous Mother's Day. DH got me a new black dress from Down East Basics. I love it! Mya wrote me a sweet poem.

helpful, nice, lovely
Mother of Mya, Cor, Em, Ballerina.
Who loves her husband, kids and friends.
Who feels happy about having kids.
Who needs faith, me, and family.
Who gives kindness, hugs and love.
Who fears losing her kids.
Who'd like to see everyone together.
Who dreams of having a family forever.
Mother of Mya, Cor, Em and Ballerina.

That made me feel like the best Mom ever!

So Here is the Bad News

Ballerina is regressing in her potty training. It's been about three weeks and I think she's realized this is something we are doing permanently. This morning she started peeing in the kitchen then ran down the hall to me my bedroom to tell me she was peeing. She left a trail the whole way. When we first started potty training she might start peeing in her panties then she stop herself and go to the bathroom or come get me. So now she has to have a naked bum the whole time we are home. That is getting old. When we are out she is more aware and doesn't have so many accidents. Yesterday she got to the bathroom to go poop but the poop ended up on the floor and several other places.

1 comment:

Anth said...

That is a great poem!

But major eeewww on the potty training.