Thursday, May 8, 2008

Random Relay

Married Girl Friend: I can't talk to any guys without flirting so I just don't talk to them at all.

Me: laughing

Married Girl Friend: You'll need to make me a list of questions to ask so that I can talk to them.

Me: Wondering if many women have that problem.


Ballerina comes home from an outing with Grandma with pooped filled panties and pants. I pull the panties off and throw them in the toilet. Ballerina is screaming because she wants to see what has happened to the poopy panties. Later I get the rubber gloves on and clean them out then put them in the wash. I know I could not handle cloth diapers. What a wimpy mother I am.

I told my sister Jenna about it and she said I should write an ode to poop.


DH's grandma has passed away. Her funeral arrangements are the opposite schedule of every funeral I've been to. And I have been to a lot of funerals in the last few years. They are doing the viewing first (normal), then the interment (putting her in the ground), then the lunch, and finally the memorial service. She wanted it that way. She really wanted it to be a celebration of her life so maybe that's why she changed things up a bit. DH no longer has any living grandparents. I am sad for him even though he didn't have a super strong emotional bond with his grandparents. It's just brings us one step closer to being expected to be grown ups in our lives. How scary.


I have been wearing a skirt every day this week just to feel pretty. And it worked. Even DH noticed. The first day he told me I looked cute. He knows I hate being called cute but I think he was sincere in his compliment. And it didn't make me want to puke coming from him.


All these Mom's at play group looked at me weird when I told my girls "NO" today. I did say it firmly and with elevated volume. I wasn't yelling but I wanted them to know in no uncertain terms I meant no. Em and Ballerina had been clawing an whining at me for about 5 minutes. I had tried reasoning with them and that had no affect. I let them know their behavior was not alright with me. So finally I decided enough was enough. Em got the message but Ballerina kept on going, un-phased. Later one of the other mom's who had repeatedly asked her son to put his shoes back on said to him, "please, please, pretty please put your shoes back on." He completely ignored her the whole time. And I was just wondering who is the adult and who is the child. And this boy was definitely old enough to understand what was being asked and what he was doing by disobeying. I know I sound horribly mean, but I am a mean mom. I love my kids but I think they need to learn their limits. And maybe a little respect too. I don't expect as much response from Ballerina because she is 2 years old. But I expect a lot more from Em because she is 4 1/2. Em fights me because she wants to fight me but Ballerina fights me because she still believes the whole world revolves around her. I better stop now.


AM said...

Amen. I am a mean mommy too. I use the firm voice and always feel like other people think it is too firm. Well, whatever.

Eva said...

My condolences.

I also do not back down when there is disobedience.

With the cloth diapers you really don't touch the poop.

I can't remember the last time I flirted. With anyone.

I wear skirts a lot. Most people don't. But it's fun! I want more dresses actually. I had great maternity ones. But of course I can't wear those. Plus my friend who borrowed them still has them and her kid is almost 6 months old. I really want them back.

A big happy family said...

They really should kick you out of playgroup for being such a mean mommy....whatever! You are just like every other mom, trying to raise their kids to be good human beings, without going insane in the meantime. :)

Live Love Laugh - Leder said...

Wow- I enjoyed all of your little random posts.

Poop, Discipline, Celebration of life and going on to the next.

Life is full of adventure huh?

Anth said...

So what will you put on the list of questions? "How are you enjoying this fine weather?" "Did you not find that speaker most interesting?" If she has trouble flirting, I think she should go all Jane Austen. Guys don't like that.

Poop is gross and I would totally wear gloves too.

Pretty pretty please put your shoes on? Hmm. It is nice to not be pregnant (for 1 million reasons) because now I can actually back it up when I say something to Miss E. Ha ha I think your firm voice is fab and you should use it on the Relief Society. Whoo-wee!