Thursday, May 22, 2008

Review on Arrested Development

DH and I have been watching Arrested Development, Season 1, and are now on disc 3. My brother Kirk convinced me it was so funny. It does have some swear words because I think it's from HBO. They give the idea that people are having sex but they don't ever show anything. Jason Bateman is the main character. He reminds me of my older Brother Brady so it makes it even funnier for me. It's perfect for those who love sarcastic humor and if you think your family is crazy then you will definitely enjoy it. DH loves it as much as I do.

We don't have regular TV, not even local channels so we just order what we want to watch from Blockbuster. It's not even that I hate TV it's just that I never turned the cable on when we moved into this house over 3 years ago and the longer we didn't have it the less we missed it. I used to think the people that were TV haters and didn't have TV in their house were a little over the top but I can see the advantages. I do feel like I have control over what my family is exposed to and my kids feel like it's a privilege to watch it. And it's sweet not to have to watch the commercials.


DH offered me $10,000 to take the trash cans out to the curb last night. I told him that he couldn't offer me money that I already have. zing!


I think maybe I shouldn't go out any more so that only I know what a bad mother I am. At playgroup my girls spend 3/4 of the time hanging on me and driving me crazy. So other Moms look at me strange when I take my girls and set them off to the side of me and ask them not to touch me anymore. Ballerina cried and threw fits like she has been a neglected child, like I hadn't spent the whole morning with her, talking, drawing, and sitting on the potty. So that by the time I got to play group I just really wanted her to play and stop wrapping her little body around me, kicking me, knocking me in the chin with her head and other such touching and mauling.

I do love hugging my girls and giving them love but this is something way beyond that. One woman suggested I hug her and tell her I love her then let her sit next to me. I said I have tried that but the mauling is something that isn't about showing affection. It's about venting their aggression on me. I am looking for a better way to deal with this syndrome. I keep taking them out in the hopes that they will get it out of their system and just play and have fun. I'll just have to endure the looks other better Moms give me.

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Becca said...


There aren't any "better" Moms at playgroup. We are all just different. My mom often tells me not to get upset at my kids. She tells me I should not punish them because they are too cute, but they (grandmas) forget how it is to be with them ALL DAY LONG! I smile when I see my Mom get a little bit upset with my kids, for then I see hints of how she used to be with me!

You are a great Mom and how you act in response to whiny, demanding children is perfectly fine! There is no doubt that you love your kids and do a wonderful job. You shouldn't worry what the other Moms think (I hope I wasn't one of those Moms who gave you an unsolicited suggestion).