Thursday, May 1, 2008

Movie Reviews


Cute movie full of one liners. DH says it reminds him of Napoleon Dynamite. The main character is pretty believable as a pregnant girl. Especially when she describes herself as a "planet." It also shows how rude people are to pregnant teenagers. I could relate to that because I've had people say rude things to me because they thought I was a pregnant teenager or just ignore me. Even people at church. I like how Juno realizes there are things just outside her maturity level and she looks for help making those decisions. It makes me sad how teenagers talk about sex, abortion, and broken families so casually. We would most likely watch it again someday. The part that bothered me the most was all the men are portrayed as having a low commitment level. Juno's Dad comes the closest to having a moral compass. But I can see that showing the extreme is the more entertaining.

Lars and the Real Girl

Weird! I can't say I hated it but it made me think. Lars has a mental disorder and he decides to deal with it but ordering a life size doll girlfriend. To help him all his friends accept her as a real person. The creepy part is the website he orders the doll from is a real website. It makes you think but it's not as humorous as the previews make it looks. All the actors did a really good at playing their parts.

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Anth said...

I thought Lars and the Real Girl was really sweet. Though the stupidest character was obviously Margot, who crushes on Lars while he is seriously dating a blow-up doll. Does she have major self-esteem issues or what?