Sunday, May 25, 2008

Good Soup

A few years ago a friend got us the Bear Creek Chicken and Rice soup. It was so yummy but then I forgot about it for a while. So the other day I decided to grab a couple and try them. We had the Cheddar Potato for lunch one day and really loved it. Tonight we tried this one. The kids kept making yucky faces at it but most of them ate it. My pickiest eater Mya even liked it. Em wouldn't admit to liking it even if she did because this how she maintain her position of power being the 3rd child of four. She is not one of the older kids and she is not the baby. So you see she must exert her independence whenever she can. Plus she knew I had made Tomato soup as a backup and she knows she loves Tomato soup.
I noticed online they have many varieties so I am anxious to try Tortilla and Split Pea. I had the most delicious split pea soup when I was a kid and since I haven't had split pea that was ever as good as I remember it. That goes the same for lentil. I can make a decent soup and most canned soups just have a funny taste to me but Bear Creek seems to have it figured out so far.

Tonight I also made chocolate chip mini muffins with mini chocolate chips (CUTE!). I finally broke down and got a mini muffin pan. Yes Deena, I did it! And they are the cutest little muffins ever. I am feeling inspired to bake so I'll be posting more foods soon.

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