Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chocolate and Nudity

Yummy! I made these for a baby shower I co-hosted for a friend from church last night. I learned how to dip strawberries and make them look fancy about 5 years ago and now I always keep melting chocolate on hand so in case I have a need to dip something in chocolate. Actually these turned out kind of messy but still pretty. The middle one is dipped completely in white chocolate. I like using the melting chocolate you find in the bulk section of the grocery store rather than using chocolate chips. It sets up faster. One of my dreams is to become an expert on all things chocolate. Or just do a lot of experiments dipping things in chocolate.

We've had this pond for 3 years. No one has ever fallen in until today. It was one of those Mother's intuition things. I had just asked the kids where Ballerina was. They told me she was in the back yard. I decided I better go check on her. Just then I heard her whimper and then she said, "Mommy I need you." I found her soaked from head to toe. She had been dressed so I took her back outside and took off all her clothes. I gave her a bath and she didn't want to get dressed. Only a few minutes later she is playing around the pond in the nude. I had some better close ups but this one I think is the most appropriate for the public. I think this will be her last summer where it is socially acceptable for her to run around our back yard in the buff. She tries to get out the front door nakedy but I don't let her.

Luckily she was able to get herself out of the pond and only got a few scratches on her back. I am grateful she is alright. I didn't get a picture of her all soaked because I felt bad for her, she was kind of mad about about falling in.

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AM said...

4 kids and still find time to make fancy strawberries and host baby showers? Am impressed. :)

Your backyard looks great!