Thursday, January 31, 2008

Brittany's bridal gown

Here is the picture of my youngest Brother Kirk's wedding to his wife in the white dress SIL Brittany. The wedding was in May but I am including it today because I thought I should keep a post of what sewing projects I am working on. Mostly so I can feel good that I am accomplishing something tangible. (Oh ya that guy on the right is my younger Brother Calvin who is married to Brenda.

Today my SIL Brenda called and she was at the bridal shop that Brittany picked the style from, helping her friend with her wedding dress and she said she saw the dress that I copied and she was so amazed at how well it turned out. She always makes me feel so good about myself. I love her.

I know this is not a good picture of the dress and I will try to get a better one from Brittany. This was one of the only projects I did in 2007. It was difficult. I only had pictures to go by and there were some design details that I just made up as I went along. The dress was probably a little tight but that's a mistake I couldn't foresee. The original dress was sleeveless and strapless. She needed something that would be modest for the temple. She had tried this dress on and asked if I could copy it. I told her I would try and that I would make no promises but I would get it as close as possible. She said she would be happy with whatever I could do. And she meant it. She was very easy to work with.

The only problem I had was with bustling the train. I hadn't really done that too many times before. I followed the instructions in my handy sewing guide but the loops kept breaking. Tomorrow Brenda is bringing over her friend's dress and we are going to bustle it. I will see what I can figure out.

My current project is alterating my Grandma's temple dress. It's nearly done but I fitted her one more time today before I completely finish and it looks great. I am glad. It's always stressful when I start cutting things up and hope I get them put back together correctly and cut correctly. I just have to trust my judgement. I have made mistakes but luckily not any huge ones.

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Anth said...

I like the little sash around the waist. It's cute. I can't believe you sewed that based on pictures. You are a sewing goddess!