Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Dream Last Night

Well I dream a lot and here's the one I had last night. I was driving in Boise, Idaho where my sister lives. I was driving my husband's Honda. He loves his car. I hit a really big dip in the road and rolled the car several times. Even though the top of the car was completely flattened I ended up on the sidewalk. Then my brother J who lives in Utah showed up with his wife and kids. I was going on and on about how my husband was going to kill me for recking the car. And I kept asking my brother how he knew how to show up at that moment but he wouldn't tell me. My SIL told me I had a huge cut on my head but I told her it didn't hurt. She told me I would need surgery. I thought if I was injured enough to have surgery my husband wouldn't be too mad about the car. Oh and then I tried to make a phone call to get my husband there but just like all my dreams I never seem to be able to dial the right number. It's so frustrating. Most of the time I can realize that I am dreaming and then I can control what's going on in the dream which is fun or I can end the dream by waking myself up. But this time the dream took me another place and started a completely different story.

For the record my husband in real life would not have cared about the car he would have definately been freaked out that I got hurt. And very grateful that he didn't have to raise the kids without me. When I told him about the dream he faked being mad about the car.

Some of my dreams are pretty outrageous and would make a great movie.

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Anth said...

In real life, I hit your husband's parents' car. Has he noticed?