Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another Dream-This one's for you Anth

I just remembered another dream I had about Anth. I was sitting at the computer trying to type and I kept mispelling everything. No matter what I did I had to keep fixing everything. And Anth was sitting behind me laughing and laughing and laughing. All of a sudden I made the computer do something really cool. But I couldn't figure out how I did it because it was a mistake. More laughing.

This was definately a non-fiction dream but we won't be making a feature film about it. Maybe an after school special.

Other interesting news. DH and I went on a real date. We went to dinner, we walked around the mall (amusing people watching), then we walked around Wickes and found a bed set and dresser we like. As Mya would say it was soooooo romantic. DH kept trying to make out with me when no one was looking. It may not have been "romantic" but it was fun and we needed a break together. Saturday DH took the three not sick kids to OMSI and I stayed home with Ballerina. She has a very bad cold and cough. She took a nap and I had a lot of quiet time. I do feel refreshed.

I decided today one of the best things I have taught my babies is to lift up their bottom when I put their diaper on. I just say "up" and they lift up their bottom so I can slide the diaper under. I have taught each one of them and it's one of life's little blessings. I've had to change a few other baby bottoms lately and when I say "up" they didn't do it. I wonder if I am the only one who has taught their baby that?

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Anth said...

Okay, that could be a non-fiction dream. I can't help it - I find it so amusing when people make typos. My husband finds that very annoying.

My cousin taught her daughter to lift up her bum too. I am too lazy. Did you try it on Baby E? She probably just looked at you blankly.