Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Anth asked me if I set NY's resolutions so this is my answer to her and to myself. We had a lesson in RS on goal setting that actually didn't get me any more excited than I was before but it was at least a reminder to finish what I started.

In high school I took leadership classes and read a lot on developing skills, setting goals, and becoming principle centered. It didn't make a lot of sense to me then but since I have matured it has more real life value. For the first few years of our marriage I did make goals, wrote them down, only to review them later and figure out that I had failed either by setting my goals too high and unattainable or setting them too low and completely forgetting about them because they seemed too simple. Another problem would be that I would set too many and it was more than I could possibly fit into a year, trying to improve all my faults at once. The main problem being I am a procrastinator.

I don't read many self help books any more, although I may try some in the near future. A little too irritating for me. Too much energy and determination to conquer the universe. That's why I liked them in college because I did really think I was going to conquer the universe somehow. Now I am more of the slow and steady wins the race.

Well I did get discouraged because I am a procrastinator and I hated feeling like such a failure. After I had my 2nd baby I didn't get any sleep and really depressed. But when I dealt with I was re-ernergized, felt like my self again, and started doing a house cleaning program on It really worked well for me. Even thought I don't do all the habits, I do a lot that make my life much easier. I would definately reccommend flylady to anyone although I am sure it's not for everyone. But even after that and adding 2 more babies to the mix and much more responsibilities I did get into ruts. I know it sounds textbook but I don't regret any of it, even the really difficult times because I have learned so much and have been richly blessed.

In 2007 I decided to set some goals but only in my head. I was not going to write them down because that was a sure way to failure. My goals were simple, reasonable, and things I really needed to do. And I just did them. I didn't let set backs stop me, I just kept working on them. It was a really great year. Now that those things are habits I can clearly see the next set of goals I need to make.

Soooo this year I am going to try and write them down. I started writing them in a notebook I use for random things but that was already getting annoying and seemed like too many responsiblity hanging over my head. Goals should be exciting and something you want to do not stuff that makes you feel horrible about yourself.

I am a little stressed that I am writing them here for all too see but they are not anything so private and I think I will be more likely to read them occasionally and even revise them throughout the year. There seems like a lot but a few are carried over from last year and things I just need to continue to think about so I don't get out of the habit.

  • Create a more aggressive face cleansing regimen to help reduce my acne problem.
  • Keep my hair colored and trimmed regularly because when I feel beautiful I feel more energetic and confident. That is shallow but it works for me.
  • Do more relaxing spa things like paint my nails, give myself a pedicure, manicure, deep conditioner treatments, and foot or face massage.
  • Exercise 5 days a week.
  • Take a class or two. (1. Quilt block class, 2. Cake decorating class at Michael's)
  • Continue to clean and organize my house.
  • Redecorate Bathroom.
  • Finish decorating the little girls room.
  • Magnify my calling as RS Education counselor.
  • Go to the temple once a month, if possible with my husband, if not I'll just go on my own.
  • Visit a friend or relative I haven't seen for a while-at least Once a month.
  • September do pre-school with Em and Ballerina.
  • Spend individual time each day with each of my children.
  • Tell my kids I love them everyday. It's sad that this doesn't come naturally but if I keep practicing it will come naturally.
  • Teach Mya and Cor to sew.
  • Each month work a little bit on Christmas projects so we can have a homemade Christmas 2008.
  • Complete all my sewing projects.
  • Eat sweets only once a week.
  • Eat more fish.
  • Read or Study Scriptures everyday.
  • Kneel for prayers twice a day.
  • Plan dates with Scott twice a month, which can include the trip to the temple.
  • Stop thinking that I am an after thought by the people I love and those who love me. This is a middle child syndrome and I really need to let it go.
  • Stop being afraid to fail.

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Anth said...

I like your goals. I also like how they are a blend of caring for your family AND yourself.