Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I have been doing some really spacey things lately. I am too emberrassed to mention them all. I have decided the reason for them is so that I learn to laugh at myself more.

Well the one lately is that I changed Mya's piano lesson time and I can't seem to remember it. Last week was the first one at the new time. Tuesday at 5:00 pm. Even though I knew it was at 5:00 I forgot and thought it was at 5:30. So at 5:19 I realized my mistake. Her lessons are only 30 minutes. We went to the lesson anyway and her very nice teacher rescheduled me for the next day. I told Mya and DH that we would just do better next week. Well this week I did the exact same thing and no one questioned me until I realized again at 5:19 that I had messed up the time again. So I called her teacher and we rescheduled for Friday. I explained to her that I just had a mental block. She tried to help me but I told her I would just have to figure it out.

I wouldn't have felt half so stupid that I forgot again except for the other spacey things I had done less than 24 hours previous. I kept looking for some reassurance from my DH. He told me things like I am just human and I am good at other things. I told him I shouldn't be let out of the house but that's not really safe either if I recall the blowing up the 13 x 9 and almost starting the kitchen on fire several times, locking myself out of the house, and other such nonsense. And now I can't blame it on lack of sleep.

I just have to learn to except myself and laugh at the very stupid things I do.

Last night after DH got home around 8:00 I left to go see my Grandma and fit her temple dress. She bought this dress that was too big but the next size down was too small. I was planning to see her in the morning but I had to take the girls to the doctor instead. I knew I would be cooped up in the house with the girls this week so I wanted to get it fitted so I could put it back together. I got back late and talked to DH for a while. We headed to bed and when I went to turn down the heat I found a printed 5:00 on a slip of paper taped over the heat control. I started laughing because I knew this was just the beginning. I found another one on my clock on my nightstand. There were more, in my bathroom drawer, in my makeup, on the back of the bathroom pocket door just at the right heighth so I could see it when I went to the bathroom, on one of my shoes, on the ceiling on my side of the bed, and on the door to our bedroom. I found some more this morning, on the computer screen, on the clock in the living room, on the back of the phone. The kids got all excited and started searching for them everywhere. They fought over who found them first. I am pretty sure I have not found them all.

Thanks to my DH for being so sweet and helpful and making me laugh at myself.

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