Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Things I've actually accomplished...

So here is my counter/work space/desk. Usually all my papers and junk are spread out over the entire counter and the pile just grows bigger and bigger until it falls off the counter and I am forced to sort through it and put it away where it goes. Then I find things I should have taken care of a week ago. It's a sad and inaffective system. DH makes fun of it all the time. I have been working on keeping the pile small lately just to say "I love you" to DH (not that he noticed). I have been looking for some type of filing system to get the papers organized. Something simple, not too cutesy and not plastic. I found this at Costco today for $14.95. I would have loved a better price but I just finished my taxes so I'm feeling ritzy. I am so pleased.

Here is the cupboard above it. I did do a little decluttering in the cupboard above it so I could give myself even more pats on the back. At the top is the can of paint that is for the kitchen walls. The tub on the top shelf is all the manuals for all the appliances and such that I hardly need but it's nice have them all in one place. The purple tub holds a variety of pens, pencils, erasers, screwdrivers, etc. The basket next to it is my small collection of cake decorating supplies. It doesn't really makes sense to have it in this cupboard but that's where it is for now. My phone charger is next to it. And all my recipe books and Household Organizer notebook. I also have a Christmas Organizer notebook. All these notebooks could use some cleaning out and reorganizing.

Here are pictures of the two dresses I just made for a friend of mine D. D. Her two girls are flower girls in a wedding this weekend. I really didn't have time for these but I am so glad that I did them anyway because it made me do some sewing and I felt good about that. They turned out super cute and she has super cute girls. I couldn't decided which one of these pictures would post better so I just put them both on here. I tried a new zipper method that came with the pattern and I like it so I scanned the instructions in and printed a copy to use as a reference for later. I also tried the rolled hem on my serger which I had never had tried before because I thought it would be too much work to set it up. It was really easy. A woman from church is supposed to come this week and bring me the stuff for two bridesmaid dresses. It's fun to earn a little cash. I am saving up all my sewing money and hiding it but I haven't decided what I am going to use it for yet. I'm sure it won't take long for me to think of something(s).


David and Kimber Strasser said...

Way cute dresses!

The Ditto clan said...

i'm glad you found an organizer you like. Now you can come over and organize my cupboard.