Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's nothing against you Stephenie

Maybe it's the way you have all e's and no a in your name. I don't know but I just started The Host hoping to be pleasantly surprised but so far I can barely get through the book. The prologue made me want to gag.
The Host: A Novel The Host: A Novel by Stephenie Meyer

My review

I am not very far into this book and I can't stand it. I am trying to figure out what I hate about it. Possibly the author. I am not sure. I am going to give it a hundred pages because it is for bookclub. I'll just call my niece and have her tell me how it ends. Sorry to all my friends who love it.

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Becca said...

Sorry you are hating it! When you are entirely fed up with it, then pass it on to Mary!

I thought your review to be hilarious!