Thursday, February 5, 2009

The next project

Here is my next project. This will be 2 flower girl dresses for a friend. It's in a silver-gray satin with a sheer overlay on the skirt. The neck is round (sweetheart neckline in the picture) and the hem will be straight and floor length. I will post the finished project later this month. I will be lining the skirt with a crinoline petticoat. She wants the skirt to stand out on the bottom. They want to look very princess. I will be using horse hair braid on the hem of the satin layer of the skirt. Pretty easy since I've done a lot of this style before.

I know I was just whining about being stressed then I take on these sewing projects. But I feel like if I don't I will never make time for sewing and that would be really sad for me.

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