Monday, March 16, 2009

A little update

I was talking to a friend at church about how her family had the flu. She was telling me how terrible it was. When church got done Cor came into my classroom and said he felt like throwing up. He threw up most of the evening. A few hours after church Mya started feeling bad and she threw up all night. Loud, horrible retching sounds. She took care of herself but none of us got any sleep. Ballerina started throwing up. So far that's 3 out of 6. Em has happily announced that she is not sick and she won't be getting sick. We'll see. Mya and Cor stayed home and rested today and were able to eat very little. Ballerina's first vomit was while she was attempting to give me a hug then she backed up so most of the puke landed on the couch next to me and on the back of my pant leg. I got that cleaned up and she has succesfully been able to puke in her bowl ever since. She can't decide if she wants to stay up or go to bed. So she is going to make it a long night. She has been following me around telling me she is sick. I'm so tired that I'm starting to lose my patience with her.

Pre-puking Ballerina was quite the silly girl this weekend. Before I got in the shower Sunday morning she said she wanted to get dressed. I told her I would get her dressed after my shower. During my shower she came in to ask if she could take her panties off. She had already taken her pajamas off. I told her to wait till I got out of the shower. She came back a couple minutes later with no panties and a dress she wanted to wear. I told her she needed a shirt to wear with it and panties. So she went back and pulled a sweater out of the closet. She ran around naked, doing naked tricks, while I got dressed. The rest of the kids think it's gross when she runs around naked but I think it's so cute.

DH took his Praxis test for his Administrative license. He was really frustrated because his study guide didn't prepare him for the test at all. He doesn't think he did very well but we won't know the results for four weeks.

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