Monday, March 17, 2008

Pros and Cons

I came up with these while I was in the shower.

Cons of being sick:

  • feeling achy all over
  • looking like a total slob
  • limited patience for my family
  • someone else in the house is sick too
  • people feel sorry for me, I really don't like that for some reason
  • no kissing or lovin' my DH
  • cabin fever
  • feel like eating all the time
  • it reminds me of the first trimester of pregnancy
  • DH keeps looking at me like he is waiting for me to get better
  • all the house cleaning and laundry is getting backed up
  • no social life (like missing bunco)
  • kids watch lots of tv and eat not so healthy food

Pros of being sick:

  • laying around
  • more time to read if I can sit up
  • eating all the time and not worrying about if it's healthy
  • feel no obligation to go anywhere
  • DH cleans, makes dinner, or anything else I guilt him into
  • DH has to take care of anything disgusting
  • everyone's sooooo happy when I get better
  • no bra or makeup or fixing my hair for 2 days

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