Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Anti-Procrastination Day...2007 Easter Project

Here is a project that I bought all the stuff for last year and was so ambitious that I would get it done but as you can see one year later I am finally doing it (that's actually really good, for me). I got the idea from a Pottery Barn catalog. I like all their stuff but it's grossly overpriced. They had them, customized with names, for $12 which isn't a bad price but I got stuff to make four of them for around the same price as one. But the catch is you actually have to DO the project for it to be a good deal. I had also bought a couple years ago these little crocheted flowers for some project and never used them so they look cute right next to Em's name. So far I only have Em's done and it took a few hours but I am hopeful I will get another one done today and maybe 2 tomorrow. At the bottom I used some of Mya's beads. The rick rack is my favorite because it's so cute and has a cute name. Rick rack, rick rack!
It has this cute little pocket that you can put cards or gifts in. I expect the girls to put their toys and other favorite things in there. I put interfacing on the back side of the egg to help reinforce it. My plan is to make each egg unique. I have green, yellow, and blue fabric for the others. If I had more hand embroidery skills I would have done more stitches. My sewing machine has some fun stitches so I'll try that on the next one.

When I asked Ballerina if she like them she said it looked "wonderful." If I am really good I will make one for Me and DH. But I that's not likely to happen...this year.

Yay for me. I got well enough to go to Bunco and I won! I won the kids Caribou game and everyone suggested that I give it to the kids for Easter and I am considering it. It will help keep everyone entertained during Spring Break next week.

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Anth said...

You are so crafty. I think you should teach a class to all the women in the stake.