Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Ballerina is such an interesting little character. She keeps us entertained every day. Right now she is sick so all her personality is focused on being dramatic. She has had a cough and runny nose for over a week, last week she got pink eye, and last night she started a fever.

For her runny nose she wipes it all the way across her whole face. That is why she got pink eye because she would wipe it into her eye. When I told her she has pink eye she got so excited because she loves the color pink. At first she didn't mind her eye drops but now she hates them. She will let me do it with out too much of a fight.

She slept all night without coughing but this morning she was coughing so much she gagged and threw up several times. Then she started shaking. Crying and whining the whole time. I got her dressed in her new t-shirt that has a little pocket in front. She noticed the pocket and started pulling at it frantically and talking so quickly I couldn't understand her. Finally I figured out what she wanted. She was determined she had to have money in that little pocket. So I got a quarter and put it in there. She was very pleased. It would all be more amusing if I wasn't battling a fever and sore throat myself.

The funniest thing she does lately is say yes but it sounds like yesh-s. It makes us laugh because she says it just like Michael Scott on The Office. Besides that she says the cutest grown up words in her little girl voice.

Last week I asked her if she wanted to go to play group and she said, "No, it's too dangerous." Em was there and started laughing and told her playgroup is not dangerous. She used that word again later about something else. The other day she told me she did not feel well.

If you ask her how old she is she'll make up a new number every time. I am trying to get her to learn her age but she has decided she does not want to be two. She wants to be four, five, six, seven, anything that sounds big. One night Cor asked me why she was eating with her hands and I told him because she is a baby. She immediately responded, "I am not a baby!" I think because she speaks so well and understands so much that the other kids are surprised when she still does some baby things. We did just give away the high chair and I think that was a mistake because she is all over the place during dinner and can hardly concentrate on eating.

Last but not least her favorite part of being bigger, opening the refrigerator. She is always in there.

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Becca said...

I am sorry that sickness has taken over your home! I hope to see you at exercise class again soon. I'll bring some kleenex for "Ballerina." =)