Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm back!

A virus had invaded our computer and so my life on the computer was put on hold. I felt like I was missing a part of myself. Not really. But it was hard to find other ways to waste my time. Not really. I have a lot of catching up to do since I had Sister's weekend with photo's to post which I will have to do later.

Yesterday was Sunday and I had my 7:30 am Missionary Correlation meeting. That was hard because we had to Spring forward an hour so it really felt early. My DH held is traditional DST joke-a-thon. All day Saturday he would say the time but with an hour added to it. So last night when we went to bed I said it feels like 9:40 pm. You guessed it! It was really 10:40 pm. He was irritated I stole his joke. I felt a little disgusted that I said it but triumphant to have beat him to the punch.

I added a new quote to the top of my blog. I heard it on a car commercial and the funny part was they were serious when they said that line. "The more you know, the less you don't know." So that's what I have been missing by not watching tv, so much knowledge.

75% of my kids are sick. I am taking Cor to the doctor today to see if he has pink eye. Monday is usually cleaning day so I cleaned both bathrooms, the kitchen and I am working on a mountain of laundry. I even mopped the kitchen and both bathrooms. I usually clean a lot on Mondays but I do have company coming on Wednesday so I need a head start. I washed and dried laundry last week but never got it all put away. My DH tried to make fun of the pile of clothes in front of our closet until I pulled out some of his dirty clothes from the pile. Ha ha, he had nothing more to say!

Well it was another sweet weekend with my DH. Friday night we went on a date to do our taxes at H in your Block (that's what my niece calls H & R Block). After that we did a little shopping. "School S----" will return again today but it was worth it to have my wonderful DH all weekend. Well tonight will be the last Monday night class so I think he will be a lot less stressed this week. Then we can concentrate on counting down the days till Spring Break. We are going to have lots of fun, one-day outings and get some house work and yard work done.

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