Friday, February 8, 2008

Sense of Smell

At play group yesterday I offered my friend Becca a tictac. She declined. But asked how come when we were engaged we never noticed if our husband (fiance) smelled bad. Then I said now they always seem to smell bad. She laughed and agreed.

With each pregnancy my sense of smell was really strong. Especially in the first trimester DH's breath was horrible and everyone else's was too. And I didn't have to be that close to smell it. Opening the fridge and that little old lady smell almost killed me. Now everything seems to be back to normal.

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Becca said...

Pregnancy smell is superhuman for sure. Yet, I am always the nose police even now. Especially when I served in the nursery. I was always thinking "some baby here is stinky." It must be that we mother everyone, including our spouses, once we become mothers. We are always trying to find the source of stink. We are on alert, like wolves. =)