Friday, February 15, 2008

Quilt Square 3 Spinning Star

Well I just couldn't wait till I finished quilt square 4 to show off 3. I made a few mistakes on this one because I was focusing on correcting my mistakes from the last two. The finished square is supposed to be 12 1/2 inches but 1 and 2 were closer to 12 inches. I was making my seams a full 1/4 inch which I should have been making them a scant 1/4 inch to leave fabric that is lost when the seam is pressed flat. I was so focused on that I didn't always make my points match. So I will try to remember both. My pressing skills are obviously wanting but that is something I will need to work on later. Plus I think my stitches are pulling a little which I am sure only a very trained eye would notice. I really like my stitches to be perfect and the seams to press flat without puckers. In a perfect world that would always happen. But for that you need the correct needle, correct tension, and quality thread. Or if I had tons of money I would have a sewing machine that automatically corrects that but I am not even sure they make a machine like that.

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Anth said...

Now I'm going to be extremely behind tomorrow!

But your square looks very nice! And what is wrong with the pressing job? It looks fine to me.