Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Prize!

Today Becca brought me a prize for winning the endurance contest last week at play group. Even though I felt bad she spent money on me I feel like a real WINNER! I ate one on the way home and I plan to eat the rest as the day progresses. Happy Valentine's day to me...Break me off a piece of that kit kat bar.
We decided since there are so many pregnant ladies at church right now we should have a Pregnancy Olympics. Maybe one of the events should be bending over and picking things up.


Anth said...

You are basically pure evil. But just so you know I would totally WIN the pregnancy olympics. Yes, yes I would. Unless we had to walk very much.

Maybe Becca gave you KitKat bars so you would eat them all and then lose the next contest due to flaccid, chocolatey muscles. Ha ha Or maybe Becca is just very nice.

I think it is the later.

Becca said...

How could I ever wish for anyone to have "flaccid, chocolatey muscles?" I assure you that I only wanted to reward you, Kendra, for your amazing fitness and physical endurance skills. Wa-ha-ha-ha! Maybe I will win a fitness contest sometime and earn myself some chocolate! I tried to buy you something healthy, but my junk food loving side convinced me a Kit Kat would be the better choice! You work out almost everyday anyway. I, on the other hand, hardly exercise more than twice a week. =)