Thursday, February 7, 2008

Parenting 101

Sometimes I still feel like a beginner when it comes to mothering. Today Em and I had another large dissagreement. I helped her get dressed and I wanted to fix her hair because it's always in her face. I put it in a pony and put one of her new headbands in which she promised me that she would wear if I bought them. She started screaming and pulling everything out of her hair. I thought I could exert my authority over her and tell her she had to wear them. She ran into her room and started a chorus of screams to see how loud she could get. I was getting really angry and all the things I wanted to do I knew I shouldn't. But Ballerina was watching the whole thing so I knew I needed to do something so that Em would know that this was not okay. So I went in and took off all her clothes and took all the stuff out of her hair. I told her if she didn't like the way I do things she can do them herself. (You have to know she does not like being naked for very long, Ballerina would have thought being naked as a reward) She immediately stopped crying and screaming. I left the room and she managed to get her underwear back on by herself. But in the process of getting her undressed the clothes got turned inside out. I was in the kitchen and I could hear her start to whine and cry some more, then there was silence for a minute. Then she asked me to come back. I went back and sat on the bed. She didn't say anything at first. I know she was expecting me to dress her. Finally, she asked me to turn her clothes right side out and she put them on herself. She thanked me every time I helped her with something. I didn't do anything for her unless she asked for my help politely. I put two clips in her hair and then she was pretty pleasant for the rest of the day.


Anth said...

Well done on controlling your temper. That must have been sooooo frustrating.

A big happy family said...

Doesn't sound like you're a beginner to me...sounds like you did everything right. Good job kendra! :)