Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby Steps

I got the movie "What About Bob" for Christmas and it inspired me to try and one baby step at time on my blog. Instead of being overwhelmed by all the pics I have not posted I am going to try and post one a day, maybe two if I'm ambitious. Thanks Dr. for the great advice!
These are what I made for my Beehive girls (ages 12-13) at church that I work with every week. I put it in a cute plastic bag with a package of hot chocolate. In case you can't tell they are dipped in milk chocolate first, then the stripes are white chocolate with crushed candy cane sprinkled on. You use it to stir up your hot chocolate. It all melts and you get some yummy goodness. I didn't taste test them but Mya (12) says it was super yummy. I have some left overs so maybe I'll give those away for Valentine's day. Just put them in new bags???

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