Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Traditions

One of the girls at church had the sweetest tradition that her and her siblings made up. They put up a little fake tree in one of their bedrooms and they re-gift their old stuff to each other. How fun is that?

Mya shared that she loves getting whole peanuts with the shells in her stocking. Santa did this severals years in a row because he knew that was something he did for my family growing up. But now Santa would like to end the tradition but there is too much pressure from Mya. She has mentioned it several times to me over the last few weeks.

Today we were having back luck with our mangers. We have a little ceramic one and I tipped some of the figures over while DUSTING (I know I am so old school). Well Joseph's head fell off (again). And my copycat Little People manger was missing baby Jesus. He is very small you know. Well I found baby Jesus under the couch and I had some heavy duty glue to put Joseph's head back on.

DH is proving that he is AMAZING once again and after making my kitchen and entry look fabulous took our chillens for two days to the cabin. I am at home and did a lot of cleaning today. Tomorrow I will shop and prep for Christmas and probably some more cleaning. And a girl's night.

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