Saturday, April 17, 2010

What I put up today...

(That's my lazy Saturday do.)
Mya and I put together this fabric covered cork board. So here is what I did.

1. I google searched "fabric covered cork board."
2. I used my 40% off coupon to buy the cork board at Michael's and another 40% off coupon to buy the spray on adhesive.
3. Bought the fabric and ric rac at JoAnn's.
4. A couple weeks later decided to get it done and it took less than two hours.
5. Cut the fabric using the inside measurements of the cork board plus leaving an extra two inches on each edge to fold under.
6. We pressed out the fabric and pressed two perpendicular sides under 2 inches.
7. We layed out newspaper on the floor of the garage for our work space and then used blue painter's tape around the frame of the cork board to protect it from the adhesive spray.
8. Sprayed the cork board with spray adhesive using sweeping motions back and forth.
9. Used the pre-folded sides of the fabric to line up on the edges first then smoothed the fabric across. Once it was pretty smooth I had to fold back the other two edges and fold them under then press it back down. Removed the painter's tape
10. I don't think I sprayed on enough glue but I did end up putting staples right along the edge of the folded fabric which ended up being mostly covered up by the ric rac.
11. Then we used fabric glue to put the ric rac on along the edge.
12. Last we hung it and replaced the girls fabric names around the edge which ended up putting too many little holes in the walls which was annoying. I even used the stud finder to make sure the hooks were nice and sturdy.

A couple weeks before I even started collecting all the supplies I found these cute fabric covered push pins at the dollar store and they ended up matching the fabric perfectly.

I think if you wanted you wouldn't have to fold the edge under 2 inches but then you would probably end up having to trim your fabric in the process because of the way the fabric stretches and pulls. You can't pre-fold all your edges for this same reason.

If I don't count the cost of the spray adhesive, which will be handy for other projects, then I think the whole thing cost me under $15. Once site I read a woman looks for old cork boards at garage sales and Goodwill which would be a much better deal.

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Christy Jones said...

Way to be crafty Kendra!! I love it, so very cute and creative!