Thursday, April 29, 2010

What I am painting...



Do you like how I didn't even make our bed for the picture? We got a beautiful bedroom set for free from my parents but the dark woodgrain was too dark for my room decor and a bit dated. I used off white and I think you can appreciate all the details of the furniture better with the lighter color. I had a bit of a problem putting hardware back on but I was able to make it work. I wasn't sure if I was going to like the finish (brushed nickel) that I chose but ended up loving it. I can't wait to finish the bed frame and the large dresser with mirror. More pictures to follow of course. The set only came with one nightstand so this is on DH's side of the bed. I would like to find a small pedestal table for my side. For now all my things are on the floor.

If you want to learn how I did this go here. This night stand used one can of primer and two cans of paint. If I wasn't using the faux technique then I think I would have used at least another half can. Painting from dark to light takes A LOT of paint. It wasn't hard once I got the hang of it but it is time consuming. ***Extra time needed if you are a perfectionist!

Here's my tips:
  • Make sure you keep the paint at room temp. I was doing all my work in the garage where it's 50 to 60 degrees and that's not a good place to store the paint right before you are going to use it.
  • You must be in a well ventilated area. Wear a dust mask. I think I may even plug my nose with tissue before I start the next piece of furniture because I felt like my nose got burned out.
  • Keep all your hardware in a baggy or can so that none of it gets lost. I kept all my tools and hardware in a #10 can and that worked out well.
  • Remember to cover an area way wider than you will be painting.
p.s. I almost forgot tell you the coolest thing about this little nightstand. The top of it slide forward and in the back is a secret compartment for valuables. We have very few of those but now we have a cool hiding spot. The kids know about it so it doesn't really work for that.



David and Kimber Strasser said...

love it, way to go. Now I know who to call.

Christy Jones said...

wow, I love that! You are so creative! I can't wait to see how the whole set turns out!

Anissa said...

Nice job! I am visiting from All Things Thrifty and just finished my first glazing project too.

RobbinB said...

Wow your nightstand turned out great! Came over from All Things Thrifty. Keep on posting!

The Ambler's said...

Your nightstand turned out great! What spray did you use for the hardware. I've been dying to get a good brushed nickel spray. Thanks :)

Deborah March said...

BEAUTIFULLY done!! Would love to see what you did with your bedroom set too. ;)