Sunday, January 3, 2010

Which is worse?

Since my DH is home for two weeks during the winter break we head to the family cabin for a few days. It's fun except that we usually don't sleep very well and this time the hot water heater stopped working. I spent most the time reading Phantom by Susan Kay. It's a bit cheesy but very entertaining. Especially if you are in the woods at night.

I had taken a shower Monday and Tuesday we headed to the cabin. I thought I'd take a shower that night. No hot water, no shower. We weren't planning on coming home until Thursday. By Wednesday afternoon I was so gross that I could smell my own stench. I am always cold, I hate it and I am quite whiny about it too. But I thought I could be tough enough for a few minutes to get clean or at least not as disgusting. I stuck my head in the shower and I could hold it in there for about 10 seconds at a time before the back of my head started to freeze. I'd pull my head out and let it thaw then do it again. After that I wrapped my hair up in a towel then I jumped in the shower and twirled around twice, jumped out to thaw and did it again. I may have done that three times.

Now I know what I hate worse. What is it for you, being dirty or being cold?

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