Monday, January 12, 2009

I'd rather be naked than wear those clothes

I thought I was being a nice mom instead I created a monster. At our last Enrichment meeting we had what we call the give away table where everyone brings their unwanted items to share with others. Anything left over is taken to Deseret Industries (DI) which is similar to Goodwill (GW). I got quite of few good things this time. One was a white Tinkerbell t-shirt for Ballerina. She was so excited about it and put it on right away.

She refuses to take the shirt off day and night. So every two days I have to peel it off of her and wash it. This afternoon I had an appointment so I told her she had to take the shirt off so I could wash it and get dressed in some clean clothes so we could go. She started crying and threw herself on the floor. I got two outfits out that she could pick from. This made her more angry and then she started taking the Tinkerbell shirt off saying she was never going to wear it again. Then she said she wanted to be naked jay bird (that's what we call it when someone is naked).

"I no wear those clothes. I be naked jay bird."

Basically she is saying she would rather go through life naked if she can't wear her favorite shirt. It's funny now but at the time I was pretty irritated because she made us late for my appointment and she cries and throws fits at least a hundred fifty times a day.

But she is now pooping every three days instead of once a week. That has made life a lot less stressful. She is also obsessed with playing Webkinz and even when Em begged her to come play she was more concerned about playing on the computer. She is a fun kid but she gets very focused on what she wants and it's impossible to change her mind. She gets that from her dad.

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David and Kimber Strasser said...

That is too funny. Sounds a little familar, my kids do taht kind of thing, especially my oldest.