Sunday, January 4, 2009

Addicted to Webkinz

You need to buy a webkinz for your kids right now. The faster they get their webkinz the faster they can start having fun and learning. You and your kids can sit down and spend time together when you are showing them everything that they can do with their new pet. Your kids will love you forever. You definitely want to see your kids happy and to see them getting more education. What is better than them getting the education of responsibility that will help them throughout their whole life? There are more webkinz then you will ever be able to buy for your kids but letting them get one will make you and them happy. So go get one today.

This is a quote from the WebkinzHub website. I especially love the part, "Your kids will love you forever." Or until they want another webkinz.

DH and I have started playing the games for Em and Ballerina on the webkinz site to help them earn Kinzcash. Without Kinzcash Ballerina can't buy clothes or even food for her pet. Ballerina is 3 1/2 and most the games are too complex for her. Em stands next to her while she is playing and tells her what to buy. I don't think it is teaching either of them to be responsible. But they know it's just for fun and they only get a set amount of time each day to play. It's funny to watch Em on the computer she clicks around and does things on that website super fast without being able to read. She even memorized her login information.

Some of the games are really fun and challenging. Sometimes I like to play the mindless games just to feel good about myself. Cor is always low on cash and Mya has plenty to spare because she is careful with it. In real life and in Webkinz World. I love playing it so much that I find all other computer games a dissappointment because I am not earning Kinzcash. DH is just as hooked.

It's good having the computer in a central location where I can keep an eye on what they are doing. I don't let them play on it when I am in the shower or busy in another room. I constantly worry about how much time they spend on the computer, TV and other mindless entertainment. Cor thinks that's the only thing to do in the world. We really focused on getting him things for Christmas that might give him something else to do. I did teach him how to use the knifty knitter and he is knitting a hat. He is doing well and almost done.

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