Saturday, October 4, 2008

My "Beef" with Heroes

So far the new season of Heroes looks like it might be pretty good. It will be hard to beat the first season. The end of the last season left me with the feeling that the show could do without Mohinder and they could just find someone else to do the deeply powerful narrating. So here is my problem with the new seasons so far. Maya who just found out her old boyfriend was freak, woo hoo, big surprise and falls right into the arms of Mohinder. Mohinder who was our moral compass has become completely obsessed with himself and his new powers. Just like Sylar he is looking for something to conquer. In walks Maya in her newest slut apparel. She just snuck over the border but somehow has enough money to buy new skin tight, revealing clothes. "The company" must be taking good care of her. Mohinder looks her up and down like a piece of meat which is apparently all she requires to fall in love with a man. It's sad that she is being stereotyped this way. Yuck, Yuck, Yuck...couldn't they come up with something better than that. This has to be one of the reasons I don't watch much tv very often. They always bring in the ultra-cheesy sex icon (soap opera-esque) to keep people watching instead of just developing a really good story. Hopefully the story will improve in the coming episodes.

Get it "beef" and Maya is a piece of meat. I know it's kinda funny.


The Ditto clan said...

Brent and I watched the season premier of Heroes and I fell asleep halfway. I'm getting disgusted with all of the blood and gore. It started with Sylar cutting open someone's head and they showed her brains...ugh. I'm done with that show and I haven't watched it since...(I think there's only been one more, but I didn't watch it. :)

Becca said...

I agree with Deena that the show is too bloody. Seeing Cheerleader girl's scalp was stomach churning! I can't forget how disgusting it was.

I was just thinking that Maya's clothes were quite slutty as well! Also, her love scene with Mohinder was way too much. The show is definitely pushing the boundaries of what should be allowed on television. Even my husband is considering getting rid our satellite. We may only be watching movies soon, if anything.