Saturday, April 16, 2011

Prom Dress

My good friend Amy is has a step-daughter who needed a dress a week before Prom.  I know her step-daughter so I really wanted to do it for her.  I got it done in about 3 days but only because it was pretty simple.  I loved this fabric and I love the way it looked on her.  I'm especially excited because we are trading services and she is going to paint me a picture to go above my mantle.  

I used a pattern I already had and altered it a bit.  She wanted the gathered part on the shoulder so I used my *exam table tissue paper to copy the pattern in the size I wanted.  Then I cut it up and to make the gathers.  It was a little tricky.  

It looks much better on the girl then on my dress form.  It's made crepe back satin which has a beautiful drape.  

*The tissue or crepe paper that comes on a roll and is used on exam tables at the doctor's office is my favorite thing to use for copying and creating patterns.  It's heavier than regular tissue paper and lighter than printer paper.  It has just enough see-through.  One roll lasts a really long time.  I had to buy a box of 12 to get it when my old roll ran out.  That will probably last my lifetime.  I have given a few away.  


Kelly said...

The dress is beautiful. I went dress shopping the other day to find something to wear to a fancy dinner party next week. Nothing modest exists in stores that is even remotely affordable. My sewing machine is all packed away or I would be doing the same thing right now.

Brosita said...

Wow- very pretty!
Your daughters are going to be so lucky when prom comes around for them too!