Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Making a Party Dress

I'm calling it the KAT Dress

I have a new client who has asked me to make a dress from this picture. Exciting and nerve racking for my brain as I always second guess myself a gazillion times. 9.5 times out of 10 things turn out just fine.

I am using McCall's 6199 Pattern for a starter. I have to alter the pattern but it's a good place to start. She chose the fabric and all the embellishments and I started on the pattern work today. As long as I do my pattern work well the dress should go together nicely. I will post as I go.

So far I've had to redraw the top to have the panels that will have the decorative stuff sewn over the top and the gathered skirt sewn to it. The pattern doesn't have gathers so I have to slash the pattern and add width for gathering. Plus in this picture the side seam appears to drop much lower then the hem at the center front of the dress so I think I need to adjust the length of the sides.

The thing that always makes me nervous is that I'm a very particular that I make it look as much like the picture as possible but usually what I focus on and stress over is different than what is important to the client.

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